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The Intersection Between Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
 Sexual assault is a term that describes sexual contact without explicit consent from the victim. This includes attempted rape, fondling, ...
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Domestic Violence in Euphoria, Maid, and The Handmaid's Tale
Pop culture can be helpful in illustrating social problems, such as domestic violence, so that we can better understand our own situation or that o...
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Housing is a Primary Barrier for Survivors of DV
Understanding the tangible barriers that victims of DV face can help us support our friends and family who are experiencing this issue. It ...
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2021 Impact Report!
Please scroll down to read our 2021 Impact Report!If you would like to click on any links, please view the report here.
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10 Signs of Abuse
Lauren briefly talks about healthy VS toxic behaviors in relationships using the One Love Foundation's 10 signs. For more information on domes...
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What Is Abuse?
Lauren briefly talks about abusive behavior in relationships, generational trauma and choice, and having boundaries with our empathy. For more...
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Barriers To Leaving An Abuser
A common question someone in an abusive relationship may hear is  "Why don't you just leave?"On average, a victim of domestic violence (D...
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Fall 2021 Newsletter
Please scroll down to read our Fall 2021 Newsletter! If you would like to click on any links, please view the newsletter here.
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