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What Is Abuse?
Lauren briefly talks about abusive behavior in relationships, generational trauma and choice, and having boundaries with our empathy. For more...
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Barriers To Leaving An Abuser
A common question someone in an abusive relationship may hear is  "Why don't you just leave?"On average, a victim of domestic violence (D...
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You're not alone! 10 Questions with Prentis from NWA Center for Sexual Assault
Prentis Grayson works with the NWA Center for Sexual Assault providing guidance and support to survivors. Whether the incident of sexual harassment...
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LGBTQIA+ Intimate Partner Violence During COVID-19 Pandemic
For roughly 5-6 months last year, Americans were experiencing some level of isolation in our homes; sometimes alone, but more often with our&n...
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Emotional Abuse During COVID-19
Emotional abuse is a serious type of domestic violence found in many relationships. Like other types of abuse, it is a tool the abuser uses to main...
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What to Expect After Escaping Domestic Abuse
What a survivor experiences while in an abusive relationship does not go away as soon as the relationship has ended. While there may no longer be t...
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