Friends of Peace 

Monthly Program 



Join our committed community of donors who provide sustaining, impactful support to survivors of domestic violence every month.



Monthly donations allow you to provide sustaining support to survivors and allow Peace at Home to plan for the future.


1. Pick any donation amount and payment method that works for you.

2. Make an impact every month! Your selected method will be charged every month without any additional effort from you. 

3. You'll join other compassionate friends who believe in peace at home. 



Donations Tailored To You!

With small payments spread out month to month, becoming a Friend of Peace can fit any desired budget. Even small amounts can make a big impact.


Hassle-Free Process!

Like a subscription, your donation occurs automatically each month. You have control to change or cancel any time. 


They Help Us Plan 

For The Future!

Sustained donations enable Peace at Home to strategically provide necessary services, innovate, and expand new programs to help survivors. 


Brings You 

Behind the Scenes! 

Your commitment brings you closer to our work through specialized monthly communications and exclusive in-person/virtual events!

 How Your Gift Can Make A Difference Each Year:


Could pay for utility deposits for one family moving into their own safe housing in the community.

Become a Friend of Peace


Could pay for filing and service fees for one survivor to file for divorce from their abuser. 

Become a Friend of Peace


Could pay for a month's worth of individualized professional counseling for one survivor to recover from abuse. 

Become a Friend of Peace


Could pay for a week of safe shelter for a parent and their child escaping domestic violence. 

Become a Friend of Peace

Hear From Current 
Friends of Peace:

"I love being a monthly donor because I know Peace at Home is supporting the community 365 days a year. I've always found PAH to be great stewards of their funds, and I know my donation is directly helping women and children in need. Also, from a practical standpoint, I appreciate that I don't have to actively manage my donation. Setting up a monthly gift was super easy and secure through PayPal." 

- Erin Hinz, Friend of Peace
"In the memory of my 3 friends who have died at the hands of their abusers, I am committed to being of help to others not just one-time here and there, but all the time. Giving monthly is support that Peace at Home can count on and I'm proud to be a friend of peace."

- Melanie Palmer, Friend of Peace
"It's important to us to support local organizations that support people in need. So our choice is to give regularly, and an easy way to do that is through a monthly deduction. That way, Peace at Home and its clients know those resources, though modest, will always be there."  

- Harriet and Jerome Jansma, Friends of Peace 
"We have been involved with Peace at Home for a few years and are now proud to be sustaining donors because we believe it is important to empower people going through tough times so that they can successfully transition into happier chapters in their lives.  We all need an advocate sometimes and are thrilled that Peace at Home serves and advocates for so many families and individuals in need."  

- Josh and Erin Moody, Friends of Peace
"Several years ago, my wife and I assisted domestic violence survivors with room and board, but occasionally found we were not really successful at "helping" them make necessary changes needed.  Supporting a local shelter financially was the next best thing.  After researching a few other options, we settled on Peace at Home due to their focus on giving a "hand up" and not just a "hand out."  I feel like my monthly contribution to Peace at Home is an excellent way to help those in difficult situations to have some hope that things will be better in the future." 

- Lee Hall, Friend of Peace
"I give monthly because it allows me to budget for my contribution and helps provide PAH with a stable income source when taken with other monthly contributions. At the same time, it gives me flexibility to make additional donations for other special events. There are always special client needs at Peace at Home, and I am happy to help when I can." 

- Susan Schell, Friend of Peace
"I feel very strongly aligned with Peace at Home's core mission. It has been easy for me to see how much of an impact Peace at Home has made on the community. What I love most is receiving the weekly email that details all the achievements and celebrations for the week - it feels like I can share the wins with the team! I smile when I see it in my inbox. But more importantly, it brings me the most joy when I see the numbers of people that are helped with new job interviews, housing, child care, and all the other incredible achievements. It's amazing how many people Peace at Home can provide services to. Each week, I think of these survivors and I want them to know much they are loved! Donating monthly is the best way for me to give that support." 

- Meghan Zanone, Friend of Peace
"Like many of us, we have strong feelings about the traumatic impact of domestic violence on women and children (and men too). The effect of domestic violence ripples out through the family and then also into our community. The positive effect of intervention and healing ALSO ripples out into our community.  We want the Peace At Home shelter to stay strong and to keep providing and expanding their crucial services.  Thus, we've committed to being monthly donors!"

- Leslie and Geoff Oelsner, Friends of Peace