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Category: Domestic Violence

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By Abbey Cates Gaslighting is a term that originates from a 1930’s play, in which a husband drove his wife to a breaking point when he d...
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Domestic Violence in Pop Culture
By Abbey Cates Domestic Violence in the media has become so normalized, we often find ourselves wishing for relationships we see on the big sc...
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Domestic Violence and Employment
By Abbey Underwood Although we may think of domestic violence as an issue that primarily affects survivors’ lives at home, the impact of...
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IPV in Queer Relationships
By Abbey Underwood  Although conversations about domestic violence frequently center on heterosexual relationships, abuse can impact indi...
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Domestic Violence & Disability
By Abbey Underwood Many members of our community are impacted by both disability and domestic violence. The CDC estimates that 31% of Arkansas...
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LGBTQIA+ Intimate Partner Violence During COVID-19 Pandemic
For roughly 5-6 months last year, Americans were experiencing some level of isolation in our homes; sometimes alone, but more often with our&n...
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Emotional Abuse During COVID-19
Emotional abuse is a serious type of domestic violence found in many relationships. Like other types of abuse, it is a tool the abuser uses to main...
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What to Expect After Escaping Domestic Abuse
What a survivor experiences while in an abusive relationship does not go away as soon as the relationship has ended. While there may no longer be t...
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