Serving Survivors

of Domestic Violence in Northwest Arkansas

The Crisis Hotline

We operate a 24-hour a day, 365-day a year crisis hotline available in both Spanish and English. Our crisis line advocates assist clients with referral services, safety planning, and coming into shelter. If you or someone you love need(s) help escaping violence or creating a safety plan, call us today.

Emergency Shelter

Leaving an abusive environment can be dangerous. Survivors needing to flee an unsafe environment are aided by our shelter advocates in navigating this process and, when available, are welcomed into our safe shelter program. Supporting survivors is still our main priority amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, we have continued to offer safe housing at a limited capacity throughout the pandemic for the safety of those needing safe shelter.

Housing Programs and Assistance

We have two housing programs; The Safe Housing Enterprise (SHE) and Home Restored. The SHE Program offers financial assistance and housing support for up to two years for survivors of domestic violence facing significant barriers to safety and independence. The Home Restored program provides short-term financial assistance and advocacy to help families obtain or maintain safe housing in the community. Other services such as transportation, emotional support, and referrals help survivors of domestic violence thrive in our community.

Legal Services

Legal Advocates assist clients in obtaining and completing the paperwork needed for legal issues related to domestic violence, such as police reports, protective orders, immigration issues, child custody, and divorce.  Legal Advocates also accompany clients to court to provide information and emotional support. Staff Attorneys provide direct representation for clients in protective orders, divorce, and custody cases.

Counseling Services

Peace at Home provides professional counseling services in English and Spanish for adult survivors of domestic violence and their children. These counseling services are focused on trauma recovery to help survivors thrive after leaving violence.

Thrift Store

Clients shop for free at The Peace at Home Thrift Store using vouchers. Sales to the public help support our mission. The store accepts clothing, furniture, and household items necessary for families to establish independent living and replace items left behind. 

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Community Referrals

In addition to these services, Peace at Home also helps connect individuals to a variety of other supports in our community. These referrals may include public/private housing options, legal services, social services, child protective services, psychological services, medical services, employment agencies, and more.

Some programs may operate with a waiting list. Please contact an advocate at Peace at Home to discuss your individual needs and receive support.

Our Advocates Want to Help You


Advocates may ask questions to learn more about your situation, but you are in control. They will not presume to know what is best for you. They will help you brainstorm options. Together you can consider all possible scenarios and outcomes so that you can make the best decision about action steps for you and your children. 

Each of our programs are for people of all races, ethnicities, ages, gender identities, sexual orientations, abilities and religions. Services are free and confidential. We will not report you to immigration, ICE, or law enforcement if you are undocumented.

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