Phone Numbers

24-hour Crisis Lines

  • 479-442-9811 (local)
  • 877-442-9811 (toll free)

Domestic Violence Information
for friends or family

  • 479-442-9811 (local)
  • 877-442-9811 (toll free)

Other Numbers

  • Donation Information: 479-444-8310
  • Volunteer Information: 479-444-8310
  • Business Office: 479-444-8310
  • Fax: 479-587-1817

Our Postal Address:

Peace at Home Shelter
PO Box 10946
Fayetteville, AR 72703​​

Contact Form:

Use the form below to contact us for general inquiries.

Remember, if you are looking for advocacy or help coming into shelter, contacting us over the phone or in person is best.

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