What Is Abuse?

Lauren briefly talks about abusive behavior in relationships, generational trauma and choice, and having boundaries with our empathy. For more information on domestic violence (DV), you can visit the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Peace at Home Family Shelter has several helpful services, all completely free and optional. 

  • 90-day emergency shelter in a secure, protected location 
  • Vouchers to shop for free at our thrift store to replace clothing, furniture, and other essentials 
  • Two different rental assistance programs 
  • Legal team that assists with custody cases and applying for Orders of Protection 
  • Bilingual counseling services 
  • Domestic violence support groups 
  • Trained Advocates to help empower you to meet your goals 

Call us on our 24/7 Help Line at 479.442.9811 to chat with an advocate!

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