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our impact

At the Peace at Home Family Shelter, we are committed to ENDING family violence in Northwest Arkansas.

In the year 2013:

  • We assisted 1,717 brave men, women, and children escaping violence in their lives.
  • We provided survivors 7,851 safe nights of emergency shelter.
  • We answered 773 crisis calls to individuals in need.
  • We provided 8,634 hours of individual advocacy helping survivors find meaningful employment, affordable housing, and emotional support.

Our work is making a difference in the lives of Northwest Arkansas every day. 83% of the women who stayed in Shelter with us last year chose NOT to return to their abuser. They are instead choosing to change their lives and their children’s lives for good.

*In previous years, our total clients served represented only the new clients that we served during that year. This year, we have decided to include clients who began working with us in past years and are still actively working with their advocates. The breakdown is as follows: 773 new clients and 944 clients who continue to be active in our program for a total of 1,717 clients served in 2013.