February is National Teen Dating and Violence Prevention and Awareness Month! While our primary focus here at The Peace at Home Shelter is empowering survivors of domestic violence, it’s important
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It's time to start planning Peace at Home's annual Santa Sack holiday event!Santa Sack is an opportunity to support women and children (and also men and their children) who have
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Often times, abusers will use threats to keep a victim of domestic violence from trying to leave the relationship.Common threats that survivors have told us they have heard from their
Domestic Violence
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In Arkansas, a landlord cannot:refuse to enter into a rental agreement,terminate a lease,fail to renew a lease, orevict a tenantif their decision is based solely on the fact that the
Domestic Violence
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Child custody issues come up frequently when survivors of domestic violence leave the abusive relationship. Below are some of the most common questions we receive about child custody. Contact our
Domestic Violence
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